What is Your Aim in Philosophy?

I think I may say without exaggeration, that my whole philosophical career has been devoted to the production–I dislike using this physical term–of currents whereby life can be reborn in regions of the mind which have yielded to apathy and are exposed to decomposition.   Gabriel Marcel

To choose a starting point in philosophizing is to choose a way it ends.  And vice versa.  This doesn’t mean that I always know what way for it to end I have chosen; I may not know and may have to work it out.  But I will have chosen a way for it to end, and I cannnot reject that way for it to end and retain my starting point.  If I reject the way of ending I have chosen, then I must start over.  It is also possible that I can choose a way philosophizing ends without knowing what starting point I have thereby chosen.  I may have to start several times before I work out the right starting point for the way I have chosen for it to end.  There is no way-of-ending-neutral but otherwise compulsory starting point for philosophizing.

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