Abiding in Hope: Heidegger

This passage of Heidegger has been rolling around in my head all day.  It must be connected to something else I have on my mind.  Lord willing, I will eventually figure out what that is.

Thirst for knowledge and greed for explanations never lead to a thinking inquiry.  Curiosity is always the concealed arrogance of a self-consciousness that banks on a self-invented ratio and its rationality.  The will to know does not will to abide in hope before  what is worthy of thought.  –“A Dialogue on Language”

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  1. Now there’s ANOTHER who will have, who has, that passage percolating. The first startle is linking thirst with greed, as if our ‘pursuit of knowledge’ were a vice. Then curiosity gets unlinked from wonder, leaving us with the curiosity that killed the cat, and then rationality linked to the arrogance and falsity of invention. And then . . . then the wonderful resolution, that beyond the pit of self-importance that plagues philosophy there lies a kind of embraceable desire or wish or will for an apparently utterly different sort of knowledge-orientation, one that ‘abides’ (lives tenderly, perhaps in a paradise) in rising hope before something so very worthy of hope, attention, and meditation. His words carry us to that place and position, uplifted.

    Thanks, Kelly, it’s a good morning already!

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