Kelly Dean Jolley

Goodwin-Philpott Chair in Religion
and Professor of Philosophy

Department of Philosophy
Auburn University, AL 36849-5210


University of Rochester, Ph. D. (1994)

Employment History

Instructor, SUNY Oswego, 1991
Assistant Professor, Auburn, 1991-1996
Associate Professor, Auburn, 1996-2005
Professor, Auburn, 2005-present

Alumni Associate Professor/Professor, 2002-2007
Chair, 2003-2009

Goodwin-Philpott Endowed Chair in Religion, 2015-

Areas of Specialization

Theory of Judgment/Philosophical Logic
Philosophy of Religion
History of 20th Century Philosophy
Philosophical Psychology
Ancient Philosophy

Areas of Competence

Epistemology (Skepticism)

Honors and Awards

Leischuck Endowed Presidential Teaching Award, 2017
Golden Key Honorary Lifetime Member, 2009
Finalist for AU Final Lecture, 2009
Distinguished Faculty Lecturer, College of Liberal Arts, Auburn, Spring 2006
NEH Summer Seminar, 2005 (@ University of New Mexico)
Inaugural Member of the Auburn Liberal Arts Teaching Academy, 2003
Alumni Professorship, 2002-2007
Alumni Award for Undergraduate Teaching Excellence, 2001
AU Phi Sigma Tau Philosophy Professor of the Year, 2000
NEH Summer Seminar, 1998 (@ UCSD)
Teacher of the Year in the Humanities, 1992



The Concept ‘Horse’ Paradox and Wittgensteinian Conceptual Investigation (Ashgate, 2007/Routledge, 2007 (paperback, 2016)).

Review by Juliet Floyd

Poetry Books

Stony Lonesome (New Plains Press, 2014).

Brown Studies (forthcoming)


Balter (indendently published, 2020 — as Newton Priors)

Tides of Bath (independently published, 2020 — as Newton Priors)

Books Edited

Wittgenstein:  Key Concepts (Durham:  Acumen, 2010/Routledge, 2010).

Review by J. Jeremy Wisenwski

Journal Articles/Refereed Book Chapters

(41) “Wittgenstein’s Aesthetics” in Aesthetics: The Key Thinkers (New York: Bloomsbury), pp. 177-183.

(40) “Turning to Poetry for Help–Some Desultory Remarks”, Journal of Aesthetics Education

(39) “Cavell on Kierkegaard’s On Authority and Revelation” in 50th Anniversary of Stanley Cavell’s Must We Mean What We Say? Collection, forthcoming from Cambridge University Press.

(38) “Austin Athwart the Tradition”–in Analytic Philosophy, An Interpretative History, Aaron Preston, ed. (London:  Routledge, 2017), pp.

(37) “Adventuring on Christianity–Holmer and Wittgenstein and Theology”—forthcoming in Wittgenstein and Theology

(36) “Disposable Thinking”—forthcoming in Wittgenstein and Ethics

(35) “Resolute Reading”—Philosophical Topics Vol. 42, No. 2, Fall 2014, pp. 101-127.

(34) “Once Moore Unto the Breach:  Frege and the Concept ‘Horse’ Paradox”–Philosophical Topics Vol. 43, No. 1, pp. 113-124.

(33) “Reading Philosophical Investigations Resolutely”–forthcoming in Finding One’s Way Through Wittgenstein’s Philosophical Investigations–New Essays on Sections 1-88, Narboux and Bermon, eds., Nordic Wittgenstein Studies Series.

(32) “Becoming a Christian”, Turning East:  Contemporary Philosophers and the Ancient Christian Faith, ed. Rico Vitz, Yonkers, New York, St. Vladamir’s Seminary Press, 2012, pp. 115-132.

(31) “The Unboundedness of the Plain or the Ubiquity of Lilliput?  How to do Things with Thompson Clarke?” (with Keren Gorodeisky), The International Journal of Skepticism, Vol. 4, Issues 3-4, 2014, pp. 225-262.

(30) “(Kierkegaard’s) Climacus on Discipleship and the Incarnation”, New Blackfriars Vol. 93 Issue 1043, January 2012, pp. 84-98.

(29) “Metaschematizing Socrates”, Hamann and the Tradition, ed.  Lisa Marie Anderson (Northwestern University Press, 2012), pp. 79-92.

(28) “Mensurable Confusion:  Wittgenstein’s Meter Stick and Beyond“, The Pluralist Vol. 5, No. 2, Summer 2010, pp. 105-140.

(27) “The Nexus of Unity of an Emerson Sentence”, The European Legacy (Philosophy as Literature Special Issue) Vol. 14, Issue 5, pp. 549-60. (Currently being reprinted in a Routledge version of the Issue)

(26) “Motives for Philosophizing”, Metaphilosophy Vol. 40, No. 2, April 2009, pp.  260-272.

(25) “(Kivy on) The Form-Content Identitity Thesis”, The British Journal of Aesthetics, Vol. 48, No. 2, April 2008, pp. 193-204.

(24) “Logic in 3D:  Operating with Words in Philosophical Investigations 1”, Philosophical Papers Vol. 35, No. 2, July 2006, pp. 193-204.

(23) “Logic’s Caretaker:  Wittgenstein, Logic and the Vanishment of Russell’s Paradox”, The Philosophical Forum Vol. 35, No. 3, Fall 2004, pp. 281-309.

(22) “Made to Measure:  Socrates’ ‘Exquisite Argument’ against Protagoras”, Hermathena, Vol. 180, Summer 2006,   pp. 45-63.

(21) “Frege at Therapy” Post-Analytic Tractatus, ed. Barry Stocker (Hauts, England:  Ashgate Publishing, 2004), pp. 85-97.

(20) “Pollyanna Realism:  Moral Perception and Moral Properties” (with Michael Watkins) Australasian Journal of Philosophy Vol. 80, No. 1, March 2002, pp. 75-85.

(19) “A Philosophical Education and Philosophical Investigations”, The Modern Schoolman 76, May 1999, pp.  293-301.

(18) “Filosofys Wake”, James Joyce Quarterly 34, no. 4, 1998 (Finnegans Wake Issue), p. 558.

(17) “What is it Like to be a Phenomenologist?” (with Michael Watkins), Philosophical Quarterly, Vol. 48, no. 191, April 1998, pp. 204-209.

(16) “Understanding 412b25:  Another Look at De Anima II, 1”, Hermathena 160, 1996, pp. 23-35.

(15) “Wittgenstein and Thoreau (and Cavell):  The Ordinary Weltanschauung”, Reason Papers 19, 1995, pp. 3-12.

(14) “Contraposition and Existential Import” (with Clif Perry), Philosophy in Science 6, 1995, pp. 153-157.

(13) “Philosophical Investigations 133:  Wittgenstein and the End of Philosophy?”, Philosophical Investigations, October 1993, pp. 327-332.

(12) “Philosophy vs. Philosophy in Wittgenstein”, Proceedings of the 15th International Wittgenstein Symposium Part II, 1993, pp. 294-302.

Book Chapters/Invited Papers

(11) “Introduction”
(10) “Philosophical Remarks”
(9) “Wittgenstein on Psychologism”
(8) “Grammatical Remarks” (co-authored with Roderick Long),
–all in Ludwig Wittgenstein:  Key Concepts.

(7) “Intellectual Repentance and Philosophical Fragments” The Journal of Faith and the Academy Vol. 1, No. 1, Spring 2008, pp. 39-52.

(6) “Ordinary Language Philosophy”, Edinburgh Companion to Twentieth Century Philosophies, ed. Constantin Boundas (Edinburgh:  Edinburgh University Press, 2007), pp. 85-95.

(5) “What Bart Calls Thinking”, Philosophy and The Simpsons, ed. Aeon Skoble (Chicago and La Salle:  Open Court, 2001), pp. 269-282.

(4) “Wittgenstein and Seinfeld on the Commonplace”, Philosophy and Seinfeld, ed. William Irwin, (Chicago and La Salle:  Open Court, 1999), pp. 109-117.

(3) “On Common Sense, Moore and Wittgenstein”, Ethnomethodological Studies 3, Autumn 1998  (Special Issue:  Four Lectures from the Mind and Society Seminars), pp. 41-58.

(2) “Walden:  Philosophy and Knowledge of Humankind”, Reason Papers 21,  Fall 1996, pp. 36-52.

(1) “Preface:  Thoreau as Philosopher”, Reason Papers 21, Fall 1996, pp. 2-3.

Book Reviews

Review of J. N. Mohanty, Explorations in Philosophy:  Western Philosophy (2002); History and Philosophy of Logic, forthcoming.

Review of Maria Antonaccio, Picturing the Human:  The Moral Thought of Iris Murdoch (2000); Journal of Religion July 2003.

Review of James C. Klagge, Wittgenstein:  Biography and Philosophy (2001); Journal of the History of Philosophy, October, 2002.

Review of Hill and Haddock, Husserl or Frege?  Meaning, Objectivity and Mathematics (2000); Journal of  the History of Philosophy July, 2001.

Review of Gareth Matthews, The Philosophy of Childhood (1994); Reason Papers 20, 1995.

Review of John Peterman, Philosophy as Therapy:  An Interpretation and Defense of Wittgenstein’s Later Philosophical Project (1992); Canadian Philosophical Reviews, December 1993.

Review of John Casey, Pagan Virtue (1990); Reason Papers 17,  July 1992.

Review of John Andrew Bernstein, Nietzsche’s Moral Philosophy (1988); Journal of the History of Philosophy, July 1990.

Dictionary Entries

“O. K. Bouwsma”, The Dictionary of Modern American Philosophers.

In Preparation/Under Review

Under a Doom-shaped Sky:  Reading Merton’s Cables to the Ace, in preparation

“Essences, Energies and Other Minds”, in manuscript

Chuck:  Real Love in the Spy Life, finished book manuscript

“Sellars and Husserl on Perceptual Consciousness”, in manuscript

“A Certain Skepticism: Montaigne and Emerson”, in manuscript

“Wittgenstein, Socrates and the Delphic Oracle”, in manuscript

“Adventuring on Christianity–Holmer and Wittgenstein and Theology”, in manuscript

“Philosophical Investigations and Three Kinds of Illusion”, in manuscript

“Describing Phenomenological Descriptions”, in manuscript

“Merleau-Ponty on Philosophy”, in manuscript

Selected Service

PETL Committee Charter Member
University Core Curriculum Committee
Board for Research on Human Subjects
College P&T Committee
Department External Affairs Committee

Selected Talks and Lectures

“A Certain Skepticism”–Marquette, Jan 2018

“Disposable Thinking”–Mississippi State University, May 2017

“Philosophy and Poetry”–ASA, Philadelphia, April 2017

“David O’Conner’s Plato’s Bedroom”–Baylor University, April 2017

“Philosophy as Poetic Composition”–VMI, March 2017

“Essences, Energies and Other Minds”–SOPHIA conference, February 2016.

“Resolute Reading”–Boston University, February, 2015.

“Disposable Thinking”–University of Chicago Philosophy and Literature Workshop; February 2014.

“Sellars and Husserl on Perceptual Consciousness”—South Alabama Epistemology Workshop: Early Analytic Philosophy; Orange Beach, March 2013

(1) “Resolute Reading”, (2) “A Certain Skepticism: Emerson and Montaigne”—Series of Lectures at the University of Bordeaux; March 2013

Philosophical Investigations and Three Kinds of Illusion”–University of South Alabama; March 2013.

“Merleau-Ponty in Praise of Philosophy”–University of Southern Mississippi; September, 2012.

“Resolute Reading”–University of Chicago Wittgenstein Workshop; April, 2012.

“The Unboundedness of the Plain or the Ubiquity of Lilliput?  How to do Things with Thompson Clarke?”–The Legacy of Thompson Clarke (University of Bordeaux, France); June, 2011

“Ordinary Language Philosophy and Metaphilosophy in Ebersole”–Being Frank Conference (on Frank Ebersole) (Manchester, UK); June, 2010.

“Apophatic Living:  Indirection as an Existential Strategy”—Hamann and the Tradition (Hunter College, New York); March, 2009

“The Logic of Apophasis”—Society for Orthodoxy and Philosophy (Kendalia, Texas); February, 2009

“Intellectual Repentance and Intellectual Fragments”—Faith and the Academy Conference (Montgomery, Alabama); February, 2007.

“Philosophical Problems, Vitalizing Phenomenologies and Phenomenological Priority”—University of Chicago Wittgenstein Workshop; January, 2007.

“Philosophical Problems, Vitalizing Phenomenologies and Phenomenological Priority”—University of South Alabama; September, 2006.

“Motives to Philosophy”—Distinguished Faculty Lecture, College of Liberal Arts, Auburn University; Spring, 2006.

“Describing Phenomenological Descriptions”—University of Idaho/Washington State University; April 2004.

“Moore’s Proof:  Plainness and Purity”—Inland Northwest Philosophy Conference; April, 2004.

“Beating a Dead Concept ‘Horse’—University of Chicago Wittgenstein Workshop; December, 2003.

“Logic’s Caretaker:  Wittgenstein, Logic and the Vanishment of Russell’s Paradox”—University of Arkansas; March 2003.

“Logic’s Caretaker:  Wittgenstein, Logic and the Vanishment of Russell’s Paradox”—University of Chicago Wittgenstein Workshop; March, 2002.

“Leavisian Film Criticism”—26th Annual Conference on Film and Literature; West Virginia University; September 2001.

“Frege and Wittgenstein on Therapy”—University of Chicago Wittgenstein Workshop; September, 2000.

“Philosophical Investigations 304:  ‘Pain’, Frege and Anti-Realism”—Conference on Skepticism and Interpretation; Amsterdam, The Netherlands; June 2000.

“Frege at Therapy”—Manchester Mind and Society Seminar; Machester, England; June 2000.

“The Future of Philosophy”—Conference on Learning and Talking Together, Johannes Kepler University; Linz, Austria; June 2000.

“Frege at Therapy”—Presidential Address at the Alabama Philosophical Society Meeting; October 1999.

“Lewis White Beck:  Teacher, Philosopher”—Lewis White Beck Memorial Conference; University of Rochester; September 1998.

“Pollyanna Realism and Moral Properties”—26th  Conference on Value Inquiry; April 1998.

“Common Sense, and Moore and Wittgenstein”–1996 Manchester Seminar on Mind and Society; Manchester, England; December 1996.

“Words, Noises and Sounds”–Where the Action Is:  Conference in Honor of Frank Ebersole; February 1996.

“Philosophy vs. Philosophy in Wittgenstein” –The 15th International Wittgenstein Symposium; Kirchberg, Austria; August 1992.

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