I apologize for all the fidgeting with the look of the blog.  I have been trying to get something that is both clean (Reporter:  “What is it you like about the desert?”  T. E. Lawrence:  “The desert is clean.”) and allows me to have the various add-ons I like.  I believe I have now settled on the current look.  Sorry if the changes have given anyone a case of mal de mer.

4 responses

  1. can you make it show the number of comments to a post on the main page? for some backwards reason that’s how i usually look to see if anything’s happening on something (to comment or to re-comment). but without it i lose heart and become stubborn. (‘there’s no way i’m gonna click on every one of those every day!’)

  2. Drat. I suspected I failed to get everything I needed. I have added a Recent Comments section at the bottom of the page; not perfect, I admit, but better than nothing.

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