What Are You Doing?

I say a little about this, generally, under AIM, above.  But I should mention that a goal of the blog is for the (sometimes slow and quite zigzagging) development of themes that interest me.  So far, I have been trying to follow out what I have called “Church-Man’s Skepticism” and “Disposability”.  About any post title with a number in it, or the words “More on…” or “…Again”, etc., indicate such followings-out.  Often I will supply quotations that will be unexplained but that will, for me, become part of the critical language I want to develop for discussing a theme.  You’ll have to decide if you can bear with me as I do this.  It’s asking quite a bit.

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  1. I’ve only been reading for a couple days, and already yr blog has given me valuable things–especially Marcel on disponibilité and indisponibilité. Keep it up!

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