Johnson on Affectation and Hypocrisy

Johnson knew how to make distinctions.  From Rambler 20:

Affectation is to be always distinguished from hypocrisy, as being the art of counterfeiting those qualities which we might, with innocence and safety, be known to want.  Thus the man, who, to carry on any fraud, or, to conceal any crime, pretends to the rigors of devotion, and exactness of life, is guilty of hypocrisy; and his guilt is greater, as the end, for which he puts on the false appearance, is more pernicious.  But he that, which an awkward address, and unpleasing countenance, boasts of the conquests made by him among the ladies, and counts over the thousands, which he might have possessed, if he would have submitted to the yoke of matrimony, is chargeable only with affectation.  Hypocrisy is the necessary burden of villainy, affection part of the chosen trappings of folly; the one completes a villain, the other only finishes a fop.  Contempt is the proper punishment of affectation, and detestation is the just consequence of hypocrisy.

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