A Little Dialogue on Carnapian Names

That man’s name is “Smith”.
–Oh, so that’s the name of his name.  But what’s his name?
I told you.  His name is “Smith”.
–Look, I don’t mean to be rude, but could you please answer my question.
I did.  I said: “That man’s name is “Smith”.”
–Oh, so you are now naming something else?  What are you doing?  What is that the name of, if it is a name?  I want to know the man’s name.
But, look, I told you.  When I said ‘ “Smith” ‘ I told you his name.
–That’s not his name.  It is not even the name of his name.  It is the name of his name’s name.  We are making no progress.  Are those tortoise shell glasses?
Damn.  Hey, Smith, come here and help me.
–Oh, <sigh> thanks.  Now I know his name.
Gawd.  Saying and showing.  FML.

(inspired by Anscombe and Lewis Carroll)

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