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  1. Reposting of comment: first attempt didn’t come out right, because I tried to use the HTML code “blockquote” (I’m trying the code for italics this time):

    Think of moments of physical mastery, moments like those lived through by a master carpenter in shaping a bit of wood.

    Actually, the exercise of a skill as common as touch-typing would serve as well, would it not?

    But maybe my glorified body will be my earth earthy body but rendered wholly transparent to me.

    It seems to me that that would require either (a) that one’s proprioceptive capacities be augmented by several orders of magnitude, to pervade every bit of one’s body (even, e.g., one’s hair), or (b) that one’s body be reduced to a sort of ghost or outer shell of itself, like an airborne vertebrate version of a jellyfish. I’m not sure if either option is positively incoherent, but both seem rather silly to me, and I don’t see another option.

    Put more directly: Even if we reject the Plotinian misunderstanding of embodiment as mere enchainment of an essentially living soul to an essentially dead body, I doubt that we fare much better trying to conceive of embodiment without the element of opacity in the body (in relation to our proprioceptive sensations).

    Interesting idea, though.

    • Touch-typing would serve just as well, yes.

      Both options may be silly. Maybe they do not exhaust the field. But maybe everything that would count as an elucidation of my phrase would be silly. I don’t know.

      At any rate, I take it (as an article of faith) that the way we live the resurrection body and the way we live our contemporary bodies is not the same. –Thanks much, MKR!

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