Judas puckered up then plunged down
to potter’s field, Aceldama

Hail, Master
Master, Master

the price of blood
left hanging, not for long, he fell headlong
(rope snapped?)
desolated his habitation
by transgression fell

the lot fell, not Judas, on Matthias, who was numbered
twelfth (eleventh and then one)
while Judas hit bottom, no bounce, burst
burst asunder in the midst
(middle popped?)

his bowels moved unmercifully
gushed out
reward of iniquity

was his guilt heavy
did it account for his headlong fall, his bursting, his gushing?
he was thirty pieces of silver lighter
but that pucker
that kiss
that kiss was weighty
weightier than the silver that bought it

he died (fell headlong)
kissed the dirt
dirt he bought
for kissing

3 responses

  1. I like Lady Gaga’s version better. (Just kidding.)

    Strike “reward of iniquity”?

    I like the next image a lot, of guilt having a physical weight, of it pulling him toward the dirt. (What, then, raised him up to the noose?)

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