Thursday Thought for the Day

I ran across the following in a recent post on Language Goes on Holiday.  It is from Simone Weil.

The distinctive method of philosophy consists in getting a clear conception of insoluble problems in their insolubility, then in contemplating those problems without anything else; fixedly, tirelessly, for years, without the least hope, in a state of waiting.

One response

  1. I can’t believe how many years I’ve been fixedly with my thesis problem. Thinking, writing, contemplating what I’ve written, rewriting, reading what others have written, feeling doubt, talking through the doubt with my adviser, writing some more, thinking I’m done but not feeling done, going back to the areas that feel unfinished. At some point practical time is going to run out, and I am going to defend, but the insoluble problem and my doubt will remain. I guess this is honest philosophy.

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