Beneath a Barlett pear
Upright in its spring candor
A judgmatic plum grows
Grasping upward with spread fingers
Delicately dotted warm pink

Birdsong garlands the empty spaces
Of the yard as the afternoon
Sunlight stretches to retain
Its ubiquitous gloze

I sit on the edge
Of the yard–in it but
Not fully of it–wearing
No bridal garment

My clothing accuses me:
Black shirt, grey pants
Black socks and shoes, a
Chromatic color amiss:
But my eyes are blue

2 responses

  1. Great! I love “judgmatic” and “gloze.” Do you usually publish your poems in journals? I have four poems currently published in the online journal Foliate Oak.

    • Thanks! No, I haven’t published in journals. I have only tried to publish poetry once. I sent some poems to a journal and the journal turned them down, but said they would be happy to see more. I never sent them, or anyone else, anything else. I just share them here. –I’ll look for your poems. Congrats on the success!

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