From the Vespers for the Sunday of Thomas: “O The Delicacy of the Beautiful Unbelief of Thomas”

O good Christ, when thou enteredst unto thy Disciples, the doors being shut, Thomas, who was called Didymus, was not with them. Wherefore, he doubted what was told him. Albeit, thou didst not deem him unworthy for his lack of faith, rather assuring him of faith, by showing him thy pure side, and the wounds in thy hands and feet. Therefore, having sought and beheld, he confessed that thou art an unabstract God, and an unsimple Man, crying, My Lord and my God, glory to thee.

The Disciples, being doubtful, the Savior, after eight days, came to where they were gathered and granted them peace. Then he cried unto Thomas, Come, O Apostle, and probe the two palms which were pierced by the nails. O the delicacy of the beautiful unbelief of Thomas, as coming with the heart of an unbeliever to knowledge, he called out with fear, My Lord and my God, glory to thee.

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