The Unexpected Pleasures of Blogging

Completely unexpectedly, in the midst of my late travels, I got to meet William Eaton, aka Montaigbakhtinian.  Though surprised to meet him, I was not surprised by him:  very smart, very articulate, very warm; a gentleman.  It is always nice to put a face to a name, even better a person to a blog, it turns out.  It is easy to forget that blogs, no matter how much of us they contain, are two-dimensional.  (A grammatical remark?)  I suppose the only sort of person a blog could tend to capture would be the type of George Kittredge, the coal mining tycoon who is Tracy Lord’s fiance in The Philadelphia Story.  Of him, Tracy’s former husband, Dexter Haven, quips:  “To barely know him is to know him well.”

One response

  1. Dear Kelly,

    I will respond more personally anon, and to the effect that it was also a great pleasure to meet you and to not only hear your thoughts on philosophy (and life), but to sense the full person who was coming up with these thoughts. (Philosophy begins in the body — Nietzsche, no? — which includes the vocal cords . . . and the effect on philosophizing of food poisoning, and so forth.)

    Not only do I agree entirely with your thoughts on two-dimensionality . . . but I also shared something like your emotional experience — meeting a fellow blogger never met before was a reminder of the limitations of the medium; the so much greater dimensionality and warmth of a “F2F” encounters.

    I suspect that from reading your readers already know of your generosity of spirit — it’s there in your quotations and observations. But the fullness of this generosity and openness comes out much better in person. And may I recall, too, seeing you looking out the window at some slice of Bethlehem (PA) while in the room interpretations of Derridean interpretations were being propounded. I found a lot in that gaze. In a sense that philosophy might more likely lie outside the room, or outside such rooms more generally.

    Looking forward to a next meeting,

    William Eaton

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