Hamann and the Tradition

Hamann and the Traditon (Northwestern University Press) is just out.  My essay:  “Metaschematizing Socrates:  Hamann, Kierkegaard and Kant on the Value of the Enlightenment” is included.  The editor, Lisa Marie Anderson, did a nice job with the volume.  Lots of good stuff on Hamann—including especially an essay by my friend, John Betz, who is the Hamann guy (not that that’s all he is, by any means).

(I just noticed an annoying mistake in my paper, no doubt due to my faulty proofreading.  The final footnote should compare Socrates to St. John the Baptist, not to Saint Paul, as it does. )

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    • Dean, I don’t know. I hope so. I’d like to correct a couple of really annoying mistakes I missed in the proofs. I can send you a manuscript copy of my chapter, if you are interested in it–but there’s much that’s much better in the book.

      • That would actually be excellent, if you wouldn’t mind. I just started scratching the surface of Hamann myself, and Kierkegaard is my entry point for that conversation (hence being led to your blog). How would you prefer to send it?

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