The Vocational Teacher

From josh’s blog:

7 Sep ’12 11:01:58 AM

A teacher who feels called to a vocation will feel all the more unhappy at inviting any student freely to leave what education is to be had rather than take it; like a priest who says, sorry, my child, if you can be saved, it’s not by me.

Indeed.  Inviting someone to leave is not always the same as wanting them to go.

3 responses

  1. we can’t make people care and if they don’t, and if they don’t than some efforts are not going to engage/reach them but would just serve to frustrate all involved perhaps even scarring/prejudicing them, this kind of recognition is not a judgement on their character, their being, just an understanding of a mismatch of present needs and offerings and so a reflexive professional service rendered.

  2. it’s funny to invite someone to leave.

    please! be my guest—elsewhere!

    dmf, it seems relevant that admission, matriculation, is taken to be the stage at which those mismatches are assessed and declared. as if, once you’re in, you’re in.

    • the lack of interaction/understanding between faculty and admissions/advising (and other agents of student “retention”) is disturbing on many levels and as you say this is certainly one of the many places where the friction heats up.

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