Selah: Pause, and Think of That

I appreciate folks sticking around through the holidays and my long absence–near absence–from the blog.  I have just about gotten the writing projects I had looming into manageable shape, and so I hope to get back to more usual posting sometime early in January.  I imagine my pace will still be slow:  among other things, I will be teaching a phenomenology seminar and that is likely to be a serious drain on my time and energy.  Still, I will be able perhaps to do some writing that will be fitting both for here and for class.

I’ve been lucky to have had the community of other bloggers and commentators I have had.  I have learnt a lot from all of you and, as I have often said, I am getting the better of this bargain.  I hope we can continue discussion into the new year; I wish all of you the best!

The blog has had 40,000 views since I started it.  I have no idea if that is comparatively an impressive number.  But it certainly impresses me, especially when I think back to the day in Ohio when I first thought to start a blog, and wondered if I would have anything to say on it, really, and whether anyone would find it useful in any way.

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