While I was out…

I have been laboring under a number of projects and deadlines, with no real let-up in sight until December (no joke; I have to learn to say No).  I hope to begin to post a bit more regularly soon, likely by posting bits and pieces of the projects currently preoccupying me.

3 responses

  1. You mean this deadline business isn’t just a grad student thing?

    Looking forward to the bits and pieces!

  2. while you have been out I’ve been picking and choosing my way thru the collected works:
    Advent, Kenneth Rexroth

    For Brother Antoninus

    Rorate coeli, desuper, et nubes pluant
    justum. Aperiatur terra, et germinet

    The year draws down. In the meadows
    And high pastures, the green grass veins
    The grey. Already the stubble
    Fields are green. Orion stands
    Another year over California,
    Simple and lucent, guarding the full moon.
    Dew descends from heaven
    Good pours from the clouds.
    The earth wavers on its whirling track.
    We milk by lantern light. The shadows
    Of the cattle are illimitable.
    The lantern light knots in gouts of gold.
    As the sun retreats, and the moon
    Turns its face away and back again,
    Following the spinning earth
    Like our following lanterns
    Through the dark, back to the white breath
    Of the cattle, back to the smell
    Of hay and dung and milk,
    Back to the placental
    Dark in the abandoned ruins,
    God goes again to birth.

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