A nice little essay on essay writing, replete with references. Enjoy!

the dancing professor

Along with the usual assortments of assigned readings, I also collect various pieces that I share with my students in an ‘optional but edifying’ category. Most of these are advice pieces – how to write well and what-not – but others are about language more generally, or about education, majors, careers, and so on. Things that I generally think might be interesting and/or relevant to the lives of people who are being encouraged to hone their writing skills while they go about their educations and plan their careers.

Well, tonight I’m kind of uninspired, and a wee bit tired, and anyway, earlier, while I was sharing one of these with my classes, I really did think that some of you might not have seen some of them, and might enjoy a little perusing here and there. So I’m going to share some of my favorite pieces that are available online…

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