Lord, Don’t Leave Me Here

I grew up in a family whose family business was bluegrass.  Predicatably, I suppose, as I became a teenager, I sprinted from the music as fast as I could, settling eventually as far from it as I could get–Devo and Gary Numan and Kraftwerk.  While I can’t say that I have exactly found my way back to it, bands like Bad Livers and The Packway Handle Band have led me back toward it, and re-awakened my appreciation for some of what was the soundtrack of my boyhood (particularly the Country Gentlemen).  Here’re a couple of weekend offerings, from the middle of Lent, and looking forward to Pascha.

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  1. I know what you mean: I couldn’t hate on country enough as a kid in Texas, but I have come to not only love country, but to understand something about how it relates to bluegrass and western swing, among others, and to enjoy them all. Thanks for sharing those songs!

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