Recent Work and Time Away

I have been trying to keep the blog’s heart beating even while my attention has been focused elsewhere.  I am currently trying to finish drafting a new essay on Sellars (and Husserl) on perceptual consciousness; I am prepping to write an invited essay on the Frege chapter of A. W. Moore’s massive The Evolution of Modern Metaphysics, and I am putting finishing touches on talks I am due to give in France starting in a few days (on Emerson/Montaigne and on Wittgenstein).  Expect things to be very slow here for most of May, since I will be in France and likely too busy to keep up the blog.  Once I return, and after I give the Sellars paper late in May, things should smooth out, and I hope to return the blog to more focused discussions of the sort that characterized it in its early days.  –As always, thanks to everyone who stops by–and especially to all those who comment!  I consider you my teachers.

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