There and Back Again Again

I am now home, after getting home Sunday (flight problems left us grounded a night in Amsterdam), sleeping, driving to the beach, listening to papers, giving my urban sprawling what-the-hell? essay on Sellars, listening to papers, driving back home, and finally really and truly getting home.  I am now back in my office, prepping to begin the Seven Deadly Sins.  I am tired–but not complaining.  It’s been a wonderful and exhausting month.  Good to be home again again.

3 responses

  1. “Urban sprawling what-the-hell?”, used as a single adjectival expression, is one of those off the cuff neologisms that makes one think: my afternoon will be *wasted* if I don’t find a way to use that in a sentence or two.

    Does one begin the seven deadly sins? Sometimes, up late at night, I feel they begin me.

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