Save the Gnu’s Room! (Local Plea)

I have sometimes mentioned the Gnu’s Room here, a non-profit arts/bookstore/coffeeshop that is the epicenter of much that is worthwhile in Auburn.  The Philosophy Department series, Philosophy at the Gnu’s Room, takes place there and has for the last three years or more.  Now the Gnu’s Room, despite all its good works, is having financial trouble.  If you have a connection to the place and would like to see it continue to exist, go to Kickstarter and pledge something, even if just a couple of dollars.  You can also find out more about the Gnu’s Room, its current predicament, and its future plans on the site.


A Poetry session at the Gnu’s Room. I am lurking in the back, insofar as someone as big as a barn can ever be said to ‘lurk’.

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