Jane Austen Pop

I love Jane Austen’s novels.  Gilbert Ryle so loved her novels that whenever anyone asked him if he read novels, he responded:  “Yes.  I read all six, every year.”   Ditto that.

Last night, my wife and I headed to Atlanta to see BOY, a pop duo of women, one Swiss, one German.  I like their album, Mutual Friends.  At some point during the show, I realized that what I like about them is this:  they write songs of the sort Austen would write, were she living now and writing pop songs.  Their songs are miniatures, comedies of manners, carefully and cleverly crafted, gently ironic.  More is happening in the lyrics than might seem so on first listen.  The show was fun.

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  1. Why don’t you write something that does her memory justice? She died all too young & would find much around nowadays to give her possible stimuli… The band Boy were as good- as ‘fine honed’- as you hinted. Tx – Sent from my HTC Wildfire S –

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