No Systems Go

Obviously, things have been slow around here.  I’ve tried a few times to get back to regular posting, but it seems that each time some new difficulty arises and all I end up with is new ideas partially developed but then abandoned.  So–I am going to shut Quantum Est down for a while, maybe for a few months or more.  I have really enjoyed the conversations the blog has started and the new friends I have made.  I hope that after I have caught up, really caught up, I can come back to the blog with new perspective and new resolution.  For now, I will turn off the lights and wish you a good night.  “Yes; good night, good night.  Good night, any surviving dear old Carian guests.  Good night, ladies.  Good night, all.”

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  1. see you around if the creek don’t rise…

    Once during that year
    when all I wanted
    was to be anything other
    than what I was,
    the dog took my wrist
    in her jaws. Not to hurt
    or startle, but the way
    a wolf might, closing her mouth
    over the leg of another
    from her pack. Claiming me
    like anything else: the round luck
    of her supper dish or the bliss
    of rabbits, their infinite
    grassy cities. Her lips
    and teeth circled
    and pressed, tireless
    pressure of the world
    that pushes against you
    to see if you’re there,
    and I could feel myself
    inside myself again, muscle
    to bone to the slippery
    core where I knew
    next to nothing
    about love. She wrapped
    my arm as a woman might wrap
    her hand through the loop
    of a leash—as if she
    were the one holding me
    at the edge of a busy street,
    instructing me to stay.

    “Claim” by Kasey Jueds

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