Anything I Can Do For A Better Grade?

Worth a look.

Daily Nous

It is that time of the year when the sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, the semester is ending, and the students are asking, “I know I missed a lot of classes and didn’t complete some of my assignments but I was wondering if there is, you know, anything I can do now to get a better grade.” It is tempting to recommend “invent and use time machine.” But perhaps these words from George M. Felis (UNC Wilmington) are more edifying:

Maybe I shouldn’t admit this as a professor, but a significant part of what you demonstrate by earning a college degree has nothing to do with what you actually learn in college: completing college is partly about showing that you have the discipline to show up and do the work—whether you want to or not, whether you’re interested in it or not, and regardless of the distractions life presents—

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  1. ah the siren’s song of student “retention”, can anyone really afford to fail their student-customers anymore?

  2. This is exceedingly relevant to me right now, as I’m being “encouraged” to change a student’s grade by my higher-ups just to make him stop complaining. I am really worn out by the current attitude that grades are negotiable.

    • sorry to hear it, a widespread phenomena and only getting worse, my wife ended up walking away from a tenure-track position as she refused to give credit to students who wouldn’t or couldn’t do the required work and her school was such that they couldn’t afford such standards as they were largely tuition dependent. It’s a slippery-slope and the promise of protection for tenured faculty is a fading memory in most places. Tough choices ahead for everyone, good luck.

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