The Roosevelts: affirming humanity, flaws and all

Ed Mooney on *The Roosevelts*

Mists on the Rivers--

I happened on the PBS series, The Roosevelts, a few weeks ago and was utterly taken.  Of course I knew previous marvelous Ken Burns documentaries —  on Jazz, on Baseball, on the Civil War, and if I’m not mistaken on FDR.  This was a three figure portrait, Eleanor, Teddy, and Franklin.  It was magnificent and did not leave me dry eyed.  I knew Geoff Ward (the writer) from undergraduate days, and have not seen him since.  But that decades-old connection was enough to prompt me to write him, and in the process try to articulate — it wasn’t easy — just what made the series so magnificent.  I think it approached the humanity of its subjects in a way that few dare in biography or political-social-historical analysis.  Maybe following what I wrote, you’ll see what I mean:
           I’ve never been as moved by a television series as I was…

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