Checking In

The end of the term is near.  The Nativity fast has begun.  I am winding down my courses–one, Ancient Philosophy, is currently caving the psychological interior with Plotinus; the other, Intro, is learning to see philosophy Waismann’s way.  I am finishing up some philosophical essays and writing new poems.  The department is hiring; I’m on the committee; so, I am reading through stacks of applications.  I am drinking too much coffee.  And I am watching Gilmore Girls at night.   What’s up with you?

4 responses

  1. Busy getting ready for Anna’s wedding on Jan 31.

    Took my mother-in-law and grandmother-in-law on a 12 hour car trip to a funeral.

    Drinking too much coffee

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  2. Our department is hiring three positions and I’m the student rep for two of the search committees, so now I know about those stacks. Getting ready to teach Hegel’s philosophy of action six weeks from now. Drinking too much coffee. Churning out chapters so they can exist to be revised later. Also watching Gilmore Girls at night, believe it or not.

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