‘Eat’, ‘Prey’, ‘Love’? (Poem)

‘Eat’, ‘Prey’, ‘Love’?

With words

Hived in paper
Droning on

Syrupping my mouth
Stickying my hands
Honeycombing my hair

Killer bees

Word sting

With words

Ankle high
Word pile

Kick the anthill
Words skitter scatter
Up pants leg
Tiny electroshocks

Fire ants

Word bite

With words

Words fight back
Mean me no good


Blowing smoke
But no control
They live
Hive- and hill-minded
One over many

Hear them talking
Amongst themselves
Barely audible hubbub

Me against babel

Queen bee
Queen ant:
Wannabe, can’t

No control
Orders ignored
Declining to decline
Buggy grammarian’s funeral
The words sing together

Die from the head down
Feet up

My corpse
Word food

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