Smashed and Grabbed and Frozen: And So It Goes…

My son and daughter and I headed to Atlanta last night to see Pete Yorn (he’s doing an acoustic tour).  We had a nice drive on a cold, sunny Southern evening.  We ate at 5Seasons–near Terminal West, the place of the show.  We parked in the rooftop lot.  When we got back to the car, my driver’s side rear window was gone.  So, too, was my backpack and my daughter’s bag.  I lost the backpack itself (a good one that I liked), some Rx sunglasses, a couple of Anselm texts and some notebooks, as well as a couple of Parker fountain pens I have had for twenty years or so.  My daughter lost her wallet and her notebooks–including all her class notes from the last couple of terms.  She also lost her key chain, and so her keys to her apartment and her car.  (I know, I know.  What were we doing leaving bags in view in the car? They should have been in the trunk.  Indeed.  But we are small town rubes; what can I say?)

Although some of the stuff is irreplaceable, none was tremendously valuable:  no computers or phones or ipads, etc.  It was just stuff, after all.  The worst of it was driving home in twenty degree weather without a window.  I ducktaped a garbage bag over the hole and it held for about an hour.  But we shivered and chilled for the last thirty or forty minutes.  Now I get to face the series of frustrations to be hurdled in order to get the window replaced, keys made and so on.  I had hoped to spend my morning on Anselm, not copying down VINs.

Yorn was great.  The evening was not a total loss.

(Not my car–but you get the idea.)

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