To Get the Final Lilt of Songs (Whitman)

To get the final lilt of songs,
To penetrate the inmost lore of poets–to know the mighty ones,
Job, Homer, Eschylus, Dante, Shakspere, Tennyson, Emerson;
To diagnose the shifting-delicate tints of love and pride and doubt–to truly understand,
To encompass these, the last keen faculty and entrance-price,
Old age, and what it brings from all its past experiences.

2 responses

  1. I really like this, Kelly, and have reproduced it at the close of a blog post [Zeteo] coming out Sunday. I’ve come to think that the “lilt” and “tints” of things are part of their song, and good philosophy ought to acknowledge the lilts and songs and tints of the world. And yes, those sheens seem to arrive more vividly and subtly and frequently with the quiet of Age.

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