Summer’s the Worst (Video)

Something light and cool and bittersweet as the wet electric blanket of the Alabama summer enwraps us.

And, yes, I’ve posted a different video of this song before, at the beginning of another summer.  Hard to know the song, live here and not hear it in your head as summer descends.

Another Goodbye to Summer–“Sunbake” (Poem)



Auburn burn

sunbake redclay



The sun doesn’t peer

it stares

and stares


Angry glare, so angry no one


return it


We crouch behind colored lenses

sunbake photogrey



“You look to the sun, for he is your taskmaster,

and by him you know the measure of the work

that you have done, and the measure of the work

that remains for you to do”:  thus Kinglake.


My daughter, ten or eleven

child of memory eternified:  “Dad, it’s hot.”


She hankers for icecream

sunbake milkshake



Cooled by the malt

of mercy.

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