Reliquaria–T. Crunk (Poem)

1.  Found Hand-Painted on a Tin Flue Cover

Ribbon of black crepe
draped on a door knob

like broken strings
hanging from a loom

with the words:  Weep not.
What do I need of this world?

2.  S. P. Dinsmoor Describes His Tomb

I have made myself a coffin with a glass lid.
By the door of my grave house

I have set a cement angel and a stone jug.
When I see the hose coming down, the lid will fly open

and I will sail out into the air like a locust.
If I am called above, the angel will help me on my way.

If I have to go below, I will grab my jug
and fill it with water somewhere on the road down.

Meantime, every day I pray–O Lord
teach me that I am but earth,

a hollow vessel of clay,
only a wisp of breath against my emptiness.


They have yet to figure out
the name of the church

two men driving in Barkley Lake
around Cain’s Mill a few years ago

found the whole steeple of
cross and all

half-buried in the mud shallows.

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