A Sacramental Life

From F J A Hort’s The Way, the Truth, the Life:

All Christian life is sacramental.  Not alone in our highest act of Communion are we partaking of heavenly powers through earthly signs and vehicles.  This neglected faith may be revived through increased sympathy with the earth derived from fuller knowledge, through the fearless love of all things.

5 responses

  1. “Fearless love of all things.” Yes! Looked him up in Wicki. Born in Dublin, taught and studied in Cambridge. “In 1871 he delivered the Hulsean lectures before the university. . . . in 1878 he was made Hulsean professor of divinity, and in 1887 Lady Margaret’s Professor of Divinity [George Pattison, a Kierkegaard scholar, holds that post today]. Hort died on 30 November 1892, worn out by intense mental labour.”

  2. Here in New York City, which has a large Catholic population, I have read this as a pre-Ash-Wednesday post. Wikipedia tells me that adherents draw ash crosses on their foreheads in part as “a reminder and celebration of human mortality.” This would seem to share the road, if you will, with your quotation, a fearless connecting with the Earth and its processes. Of course most days of the year we are doing our damndest not to be reminded of our mortality. We have our sacraments (and our confessions) in order to free ourselves up to spend most of our time in denial?

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