Hort on Questions and Questioners

Another fine bit from Hort’s The Way, The Truth, The Life.  It captures something I wish I could bear more presently in mind when I teach.

For every questioner who is not the merest sophist, if indeed we dare make that exception, is concentrically manifold, self within self; and the question which alone he is able to present in words is but a rude symbol of the question in his mind, as this again is but a rude symbol of the whole search within.

A Sacramental Life

From F J A Hort’s The Way, the Truth, the Life:

All Christian life is sacramental.  Not alone in our highest act of Communion are we partaking of heavenly powers through earthly signs and vehicles.  This neglected faith may be revived through increased sympathy with the earth derived from fuller knowledge, through the fearless love of all things.

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