Infested by Sphinxes–Collingwood

From Collingwood’s consistently delightful The New Leviathan (2.54):

Man’s world is infested by Sphinxes, demonic beings of mixed and monstrous nature which ask him riddles and eat him if he cannot answer them, compelling him to play a game of wits where the stake is his life and his only weapon is his tongue.

5 responses

  1. This quote dropped into my current work drafting a plague-on-both-your-houses piece on
    just war theory and pacifism, and sent me looking for a quote I noted decades ago.
    Collingwood, from The New Leviathan:(page number illegible, but apparently after 270):
    “A life of peace does not mean a life of static quiescence and somnolence, a life
    in which no occasions for quarrels arise. That is not peace but stagnation, and a
    life of that kind is a slow death.”
    Thank you.

  2. i had an apartment with that problem once but the landlord told me they would go away when it got cold again.

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