Peak Experiences

From a current Salon interview with John Darnielle of the Mountain Goats:

I want to be introspective about whether I’m being a good person in my life and stuff, but I don’t wanna reflect too long or consider what the meaning is.  There was a horrible commercial not too long ago where a child whispered, “These are the days …” It was the absolute worst thing you could possibly ever say, just to sit there and stop in the middle of a peak experience and reflect on how it was a peak experience. Good way to shoot the peak experience in the head. But my realization is actually life has way more peak experiences than we think, like multiples per day. We’re constantly confronted with this reality that has a great deal in it, that is awesome.

3 responses

  1. … and to continue awhile on the same arterial route, I’ve just gone and.started – started only you mind, trying to realise the implications of realising that ALL that we currently are able to perceive on the cave wall, thru’ our closed up windows, is about 5% of what there is. In here in my hand is the entire universe in a stem of grass, the various fields of various mostly unknown forces of matter that ‘ O monumental irony- dont seem to matter to me. Its very strange predicament when it begins to dawn…

  2. Poor kid. If he had said “These are the peak experiences,” would that have been OK? So you can have a peak experience without ever knowing / thinking it’s a peak experience? I think the peak experience is defined by you saying “this is a peak experience.” I interviewed John once. I asked him what he knew about Auburn, something about Halloween, maybe 9/11. Can’t remember what he said (wasn’t a peak experience).

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